Following the release of issue 10, The Canary Press will be going on hiatus.

We have big and bold ideas, but we need to take this short break from our publishing cycle to make them fly. We also want to take the chance to reimagine all the things this magazine can be. We are a pirate ship, not a cruise liner, and we’d hate to end up ploughing the same stretch of ocean for years on end. The horizon is filled with wonderful things. We just need to give the boat a fresh lick of paint, sober up the crew, stock up on oranges and set sail again.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Thank you for all your support so far, we can't wait to sail the high seas with you again in 2017.

Much love,

Robert Skinner

Two Years of The Canary Press: Arts grants, Beagles and Lap Swimming

Two Years of The Canary Press: Arts grants, Beagles and Lap Swimming

The Canary Press has been running for more than two years, without government funding or financial backing or anything so sensible as a savings account. For two years we plundered stationery from universities, where our siblings had access to office supplies. We washed dishes to pay contributors. People worked part-time so they could come in days, or worked full-time and came nights. One of our staffers crashed three separate cars on the way in to work trying to bring the rest of us fresh lasagne for lunch. (This is true, except for the freshness of the lasagne, which suffered somewhat from all the delays.)