Issue 4

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Issue 4.jpg

Issue 4



Editorial – Eight Years Old and Other Tragedies
Will Broom – Restaurant
Ruth Wyer – Unaccompanied Minors
Joshua Osto – The Train
Margo Lanagan – Blood of an Englishman
Ryan O’Neill – Four Kinds of Erasure
Verity Russo – Swallowed
Ben Walter – Soft Green Skin
Maxine Beneba Clarke – Ummi
Annie Proulx – Brokeback Mountain

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In this issue we collected stories from 8-year-old kids and asked well-known Australian writers (including Margo Lanagan, Ryan O'Neill, and Maxine Beneba Clarke) to reinterpret them as short stories. The results are something to behold! The issue also features Joshua Osto's ripping story of murder and mayhem, and Annie Proulx's classic, 'Brokeback Mountain'.